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Big Hikes

One of my promises to Eli when we decided to get a puppy, was that I would take her on adventures all the time. Since then I have been fitting in lots of hikes and activities into my already fairly busy schedule. I am exaughsted, and so happy I don’t have any kids right now! I believe this place was called Mount Pigsah. It was very beautiful and one of the more strenuous hikes I have been on in Eugene.

Lola Bear

Eli and I decided to add a new member to our family. Zoey is now the big sister of Lola. Lola is a 12 week old Golden Retriever, and is the cutest little puppy ever!!! She is also going to be a big inspiration for my art and photography. We have had her for four days and we have gone on two hikes!

Simulation Rose

If you read other post of mine you might know that roses have rather significant value to me so I like to draw them more than any other plant. At the time that I drew this rose I was going through an interesting stage of my life. I decided to try and write “Its a simulation” in the rose, but it is a bit unclear and hard to make out. This drawing really isn’t anything to special to post about. The reason I though I’d share is because of the style I used and because this piece has definite areas of greater unrealized potential for me to reflect on.

Day Dreamt Doodles

When I first started college, I was in this mood all the time.. Im not sure if it was bad or good, but it inspired me to use a certain style or theme and ended up with a series of silly doodles.


I focus on faces more than body but I love the rewarding feeling of creating the illusion of a realistic body. Knowing the anatomical structure can be extremely resourceful. Ive been thinking about doing some skeletal and muscular structure drawings or videos.


My favorite part about drawing with a pen is that its permanent. I love the texture and style you can use to create depth and shading. Most of all I love the fear of making a mistake and messing it up, with the chance of creating something I didn’t even know I could do.

E Tub

I drew this picture of Eli while he was in surgery. I couldn’t stop thinking about him but drawing him kept me busy. He is one strong, talented guy let me tell you.

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